Sol Rogers

Virtual revolution

Rewind's multi-platform VR experience for Ghost in the Shell

The nascent virtual reality market is slowly coming of age, with a new crop of VR production companies helping to define what immersive content looks like today. Andy McDonald finds out more. While it is… Read more

The rise of VR and what it means for the TV industry

Jaunt’s Paul McCartney concert footage is among its most popular content to date.

Virtual Reality is tipped to become a big business in the coming years. But how much potential does this technology hold for TV companies and to what extent should they be investing in this space?… Read more

Rewind: Every VR project is a learning experience

Rewind Edinburgh Digital Entertainment Festival

With the virtual reality space a mere three years old, every project is still a learning experience, according to Sol Rogers, the CEO and founder of VR agency Rewind. Speaking at the Edinburgh Digital Entertainment… Read more