Simon Trudelle

Q&A: Simon Trudelle, NAGRA

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Simon Trudelle, senior director, product marketing at NAGRA, talks about the opportunities and threats to the pay TV industry. What are the main opportunities and… Read more

Friend or foe: OTT and pay TV services


With Netflix forging multiple distribution deals in Europe, cable and IPTV pay TV operators are increasingly welcoming OTT services on board. Stuart Thomson explores some of the issues raised. Is OTT a friend or foe… Read more

Making the most of the Internet of Things


With the Internet of Things ultimately expected to be worth up to US$7 trillion, operators need to invest now to remain relevant, reports Adrian Pennington. The concept of the Internet of Things (IoT), or a… Read more

Cloud TV: applications and limitations


The use of cloud technology to deliver TV services as a technology choice is gaining currency. But which applications is the cloud best suited to, and what are the limitations? Stuart Thomson reports.  Cloud TV… Read more

Security across different screens

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The requirements of multi-screen video delivery present a series of challenges, but how much of a problem do multiple DRMs and streaming standards present to service providers? Andrew McDonald reports. The move towards accessing content… Read more

Cloud cover – IP and cloud-based alternatives to traditional broadcast models


TV consumption habits are changing fast, but how viable are IP-and cloud-based alternatives to traditional broadcast models? Anna Tobin reports.  In the few short years it takes for a child to reach school age, the… Read more