Nagra and Samsung create co-venture to license TVkey for UHD TV


TV technology provider Nagra has teamed up with Samsung to create a new co-venture to license Nagra’s TVkey technology to chipset, dongle, TV and conditional… Read more

Samsung launches ‘smartest TV ever’

Samsung CES2017_QLEDTV_Main_1

Samsung has launched what it described as its “smartest TV ever” ahead of this week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The new QLED TV… Read more

Samsung to launch smart TV services at CES

Smart-TV-Service-Samsung CES-2017_Sports_Main_1

Samsung is set to introduce new smart TV services at CES this week, in a bid to offer personalised content to viewers based on their… Read more

Global VR Association launches with backing from Google, Facebook, HTC

Virtual reality VR Edinburgh Digital Entertainment Festival

Google, HTC VIVE and ’s Oculus are among the founding members of the Global Virtual Reality Association (GVRA), which was announced last week. The non-profit… Read more

TiVo agrees worldwide IP deal with Samsung

Tom Carson

TiVo and Samsung have agreed the terms of a broad intellectual property licence, suspending all pending patent litigation between the two companies. The deal will… Read more

Strategy Analytics: VR uptake in the UK to be a ‘slow burn’

David MacQueen

Virtual reality uptake in the UK will be a “slow burn” with just 3% of Britons to own a VR headset this year, according to… Read more

TVPlayer to come pre-installed on Samsung tablets


UK online TV platform, TVPlayer, has struck a deal with Samsung, establishing it as one of the first streaming video platforms to be pre-installed on… Read more

The rise of VR and what it means for the TV industry

Jaunt’s Paul McCartney concert footage is among its most popular content to date.

Virtual Reality is tipped to become a big business in the coming years. But how much potential does this technology hold for TV companies and… Read more

Nagra and Samsung launch TVkey security solution


Nagra and Samsung are launching a direct-to-TV security solution for pay TV operators, called TVkey. The TVkey USB device allows consumers to sign up for… Read more

Reuters partners with Samsung on 360-degree video

Reuters thumb

Reuters has partnered with Samsung to offer virtual reality and 360-degree videos and photos. The Focus 360 scheme will see Reuters use Samsung Gear 360… Read more