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Q&A: Stéphane Gambetta, Reed MIDEM

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Reed MIDEM is launching a second edition of Esports BAR in Miami, an invitation-only event dedicated to the fast-growing world of eSports. Strategy and new… Read more

MIPCOM to launch e-sports event in Cannes

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MIPCOM organiser Reed Midem can’t get enough of Cannes. The events firm is launching the Esports BAR (Esports Business Arena) in the southern French town next… Read more

Reed Midem takes MIP into China

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The organisers of MIPCOM are launching MIP China Hangzhou, a new programming market that will take place in China next May. There were rumours a… Read more

MIPCOM sees record attendance, growth in digital and VoD interest

MIPCOM said it attracted at record 13,700 delegates this year, including over 4,600 buyers of which 1,300 were acquiring digital and VoD rights. MIPCOM organiser… Read more

MIPCOM reaches out to channels with ‘distribution day’

Reed Midem is introducing a new conference strand designed specifically to lure channel operators and their clients. The Global Distribution Daywill run on the Monday of… Read more