Q&A: Vincent Roger, CEO, Mobibase

Vincent Roger

Mobibase CEO Vincent Roger talks about the market for OTT TV services for ethnic groups and the flexibility of the white-label model. What would you… Read more

Selevision taps Voddler for peer-assisted streaming

Raed Khusheim

Saudi Arabia-based service provider Selevision has chosen Voddler Group to provide technology for its streaming service. Selevision provides broadcast and online channels direct to consumers… Read more

Sky Deutschland teams up with Telefónica for Sky Ticket


Pay TV operator Sky Deutschland has teamed up with Telefónica to make its Sky Ticket OTT TV offering available over the latter’s network in Germany.… Read more

Russia law could place 20% limit on foreign OTT video ownership

Russian flag

The Russian government has given a positive reception to a new bill proposed by Duma deputies that could see foreign media ownership restrictions extended to… Read more

OTT on the up, but churn a serious problem


The number of OTT subs in key markets continues to increase at a healthy rate with an uptick expected over the upcoming Christmas period. Half… Read more

Ergen: OTT could be bigger than satellite but carries risks for content

Charlie Ergen

OTT TV has “the potential to be as big or bigger” than satellite TV but carries significant risks of being “disruptive” for the pay TV… Read more

OTT service Megogo launches HDR TV with LG


Ukrainian and Russian OTT video-on-demand service Megogo has made HDR TV content available to users of its services with HDR-enabled LG TV sets. The HDR… Read more

Disney and Fox to join Hulu’s new OTT streaming service

Mike Hopkins

Disney and Fox have come on board Hulu’s new channels streaming service. The deals mean nets including ESPN and Fox Sports will be on the… Read more

eBook | Taking TV innovation from operator speed to web speed


The TV industry is going through unprecedented changes, shaken by the opportunities and threats of Over-the-Top (OTT). Operators need to keep up with the increasing… Read more

OTT TV – the next phase part 4: OTT, UHD and virtual reality, followed by Q&A


In the final part of our four-part series on OTT TV online video specialist Anvato’s chief evangelist Matt Smith talks to DTVE editor Stuart Thomson… Read more