UK rights bodies team up with search engines in copyright fight

Alliance for IP

Various UK rights associations have partnered with search engines Google and Bing in a government-backed attempt to crack down on internet piracy. The UK initiative… Read more

UK politicians call for Ofcom ‘fit and proper’ enquiry on Murdoch

James Murdoch

A group of UK cross-party politicians has called for Ofcom to launch a review into 21st Century Fox CEO James Murdoch’s suitability to hold a… Read more

Clementi confirmed as BBC chairman

David Clementi

David Clementi has been confirmed as the next chairman of British public broadcaster the BBC. The UK government has confirmed the former deputy governor of… Read more

Ofcom: platforms must evolve as viewing habits change

GfK Ofcom

Changing viewing habits, including the growing adoption of HD and UHD TV and growth in non-linear consumption mean that TV platforms will need to evolve… Read more

Ofcom reveals BBC regulation plan


Ofcom has revealed details of how it will regulate the BBC from next April, when it will have responsibility for key aspects of oversight of… Read more

Ofcom names C4 board members

Roly Keating

UK media regulator Ofcom has announced four new board members for UK public broadcaster Channel 4. The new arrivals are Simon Bax, Paul Geddes, Christopher… Read more

Ofcom to force BT to legally separate Openreach

BT Openreach

Ofcom is to formally notify BT to legally separate Openreach, the infrastructure arm that supplies the network used by rival service providers including Sky, TalkTalk… Read more

Ofcom: kids spend more time online than in front of the TV


For the first time children aged five to 15 now spend more time online than they do watching TV sets, according to Ofcom research. The… Read more

Ofcom adds Nick Pollard to the board

Ofcom thumb

Former Sky News boss and the head of the independent enquiry into the BBC’s handling of the Jimmy Savile affair, Nick Pollard, has been added… Read more

Sky renews calls for Openreach to be separated from BT

Andrew Griffith

Sky has renewed calls for BT’s infrastructure division, Openreach, to be fully separated from BT in order to “fix Britain’s lagging internet”. In a comment piece… Read more