Deloitte: 66% keep pay TV as it is bundled with web access


Two thirds of US pay TV customers say that they keep their TV subscriptions because it is bundled with their internet service, according to new… Read more

Millennials watch 27% less TV than over 35s

Nielsen Millennials

Millennials spend about 27% less time watching traditional TV than people aged over 35, according to new research by Nielsen. The ‘Millennials on Millennials’ report… Read more

GfK: Millennials shun traditional pay TV

Ericsson millennial

Millennials are the group most likely to cut the cord, or to have never had a traditional pay TV subscription, a survey of 25,000 US… Read more

Ampere: sports viewing on the decline among millennials

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Interest in sport among young millennials is “on the decline” with many viewers lured away from sport by the wealth of TV and online video… Read more

Content is still King


Kate Bulkley assesses the threat of a “Convergence Bloodbath” as Millennials grow up.  The march towards convergence has been going on a while but it has taken… Read more

BBC Advertising report questions perceptions about Millennials

bbc millennials

Traits associated with millennials – a key talking point at all TV industry conferences and a central feature in TV companies’ strategic thinking – only… Read more

TDG: Millennial ‘cord-nevers’ satisfied by SVOD services


Most US millennial web users who have never signed up for legacy pay TV services believe the likes of Netflix and Hulu “satisfy their video… Read more

Four in five millennials now subscribe to OTT


Some 80% of millennials subscribe to at least one over-the-top (OTT) service and 39% report watching at least seven hours of online video per week,… Read more

Millennials ‘more likely to turn on Netflix than live TV’

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Millennials now spend 54% of their TV viewing time streaming content and just 25% watching live, according to Horowitz Research.  The research firm’s State of… Read more

Nielsen: Two fifths of millennials use TV-connected devices

Nielsen Q4 2015 audience report

More than 40% of US millennials use a TV-connected device other than a DVR when they turn on their TV set, according to Nielsen. The… Read more