Tivù unveils first HbbTV 2.0.1 app

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Italian DTT platform Tivù has teamed up with Samsung and Yotta Media Labs to unveil what they say is the world’s first HbbTV 2.0.1 application… Read more

Fox makes HD services available via HbbTV in Hungary

MinDigTV Extra keret

Fox Networks Group has made more HD content available on Antenna Hungária-owned Hungarian digital-terrestrial pay TV service MinDig TV Extra via HbbTV applications. MinDig TV… Read more

Spanish digital TV forum adopts HbbTV 2

José Luis Vásquez

The Spanish Digital TV Tech Forum (Foro Técnico de la Televisión Digital) has adopted the new HbbTV 2 standard, version 2.0.1, in its DTT receiver… Read more

HbbTV Association backs Nordic move to HbbTV2


The HbbTV Association has welcomed NorDig’s new specification, which marks the Nordic region’s first steps from HbbTV1.5 to HbbTV 2.0. NorDig – which specifies the… Read more

HbbTV requests video streaming proposals

Klaus Illgner-Fehns

The HbbTV Association has called for input on a reference application for streamed, DRM-protected video to HbbTV televisions and set-top boxes. The request for proposals… Read more

HbbTV Association releases test suite for HbbTV 2

Klaus Illgner-Fehns

The HbbTV Association has released its test suite version 9.0, which will support the HbbTV 2 specification. According to the association, the new test suite… Read more

ETSI publishes new HbbTV spec for UK and Italy transition

Simon Fell

The European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) has published a new version of the HbbTV specification that will enable the UK and Italy to transition legacy… Read more

HbbTV names new Steering Group members

Klaus Illgner-Fehns

The HbbTV Association has named its newly elected Steering Group, which will focus on “extending the consumer benefits of hybrid broadcast TV” with the deployment… Read more

HbbTV 2.0 test suite to go live this summer


The HbbTV Association has now received all the test material it needs to release the first HbbTV 2.0-compatible test suite, it announced.    The open… Read more

HbbTV looks to embrace IPTV and companion screens

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Extending HbbTV to vertically integrated operator environments including IPTV is among the priorities for future development of the specification, according to Klaus Illgner, chairman, HbbTV… Read more