White Papers

Android Platforms in Television – Mapping Out A Strategy


  With the expansion of TV to a multitude of consumer electronics, Android has taken hold as a platform for video and media consumption. This… Read more

High Dynamic Range Video – The Future of TV Viewing Experience’


        The video industry has always worked to improve the TV viewing experience. More than a decade ago, the transition from SD to… Read more

Making Secure Multi-screen Analytics a Reality


        Privacy and security are two of the biggest issues when deploying a Big Data analytics system. Some aspects of the data… Read more

Mobile Video Monetization

          There is no shortage of industry data that speaks to the continued growth of mobile video viewing, but the revenue… Read more

Implementing Support for HDR using Software-Defined Video Solutions


The video ecosystem is eager to embrace High Dynamic Range video, which promises greatly improved viewing experiences with expanded color space and luminance. However, HDR… Read more

Flexible Cloud DVR: Accommodating Infrastructures New and Old


Cloud DVR empowers subscribers to schedule recordings of their choice and to watch those recordings from anywhere utilizing a number of devices (laptops, desktops, mobile… Read more

Pay TV and OTT: Partners or Competitors


The lines between pay TV and OTT are becoming increasingly blurred. While pay TV operators and OTT content and app providers still in many cases… Read more

Making the Business Case for Cloud DVR


Heavy Reading Analyst Alan Breznick examines the chief financial and business benefits of launching a Cloud DVR service and presents his findings in this newly… Read more

5 Reasons You Should Buy, Not Build Your OTT Video Solution

Building and deploying an OTT solution is a costly, time-consuming process in an industry that is quickly evolving. Not only are technology requirements rapidly changing,… Read more

Optimising the user experience for OTT video


OTT video providers still face challenges in delivering consistent, high-quality video experiences to consumers. They are under pressure to address an ever-growing number of devices… Read more