White Papers

A UK Advertiser’s Guide to Programmatic TV


For a growing chorus of brands, data-driven marketing and programmatic buying are delivering quantifiable results in terms of cost savings, reduced complexity, ownership of customer… Read more

Report: The data analytics revolution


The advent of Big Data means that TV operators and content providers are in a position to understand in greater detail than ever before how,… Read more

The Cloud-Based User Interface: Bringing New Flexibility to UI/UX Deployment


Today’s viewers expect high-quality video delivered to their TVs and mobile devices promptly and without hassle. Pay TV Operators are responding with alternatives to the… Read more

New case study : Orange and Viaccess-Orca, a Voyage into the TV World


In recent years, Orange, with more than 236 million customers in over 30 countries, has established itself as a key player in the multiscreen OTT TV environment,… Read more

The Future of TV Advertising


Interactive and targeted advertising have long been seen as providing a large potential source of additional revenue for both channel providers and pay TV operators.… Read more

Fast Forward: Implementing Live-to-VOD Services


Today, hitting the pause button to take a quick break during a live football game is no longer just a farfetched impulse; it’s a practical… Read more

Getting started with Digital Rights Management for online video


As consumers embrace online video across a broad spectrum of devices, from smartphones and tablets to PCs and connected TVs, publishers need a way to… Read more

How to deliver TV Quality Video Over WI-FI


As mobile device screens increase in size and quality, consumption of video through them also grows. A consumer is no longer willing to wait to… Read more

The Importance of Air Time Allocation in Wi-Fi Quality of Service


With the proliferation of Multi-SSID Wireless gateways that offer multiple services such as an in-home private network, Home Security and Appliance Monitoring, Public Hotspots and… Read more

Interactive TV Monetisation: The Big Picture


With traditional pay TV growth leveling off and consumers becoming less willing than previously to spend additional subscription revenue year-on-year for their existing service offerings,… Read more