White Papers

The Future of TV Advertising


Interactive and targeted advertising have long been seen as providing a large potential source of additional revenue for both channel providers and pay TV operators.… Read more

Fast Forward: Implementing Live-to-VOD Services


Today, hitting the pause button to take a quick break during a live football game is no longer just a farfetched impulse; it’s a practical… Read more

Getting started with Digital Rights Management for online video


As consumers embrace online video across a broad spectrum of devices, from smartphones and tablets to PCs and connected TVs, publishers need a way to… Read more

How to deliver TV Quality Video Over WI-FI


As mobile device screens increase in size and quality, consumption of video through them also grows. A consumer is no longer willing to wait to… Read more

The Importance of Air Time Allocation in Wi-Fi Quality of Service


With the proliferation of Multi-SSID Wireless gateways that offer multiple services such as an in-home private network, Home Security and Appliance Monitoring, Public Hotspots and… Read more

Interactive TV Monetisation: The Big Picture


With traditional pay TV growth leveling off and consumers becoming less willing than previously to spend additional subscription revenue year-on-year for their existing service offerings,… Read more

The Connected Home and Multi-Device Video: The Big Picture


Multiroom TV – the distribution of pay TV services to multiple TV screens within each home served – has become an established feature of most… Read more

Windmill – Smart Platform Report


Rapid increase of the internet speed and the popularization of smart devices, which have grown explosively, are bringing a fundamental change to the media market.… Read more

Multi-screen VOD and TV: The Bigger Picture


Multiscreen TV has been the big story of the last year, with pay TV operators as well as OTT service providers extending the reach of… Read more

Download white paper – Perspectives & Challenges For HEVC Encoding Solutions


The adoption of the new HEVC video compression standard is a major event of the 2013 broadcast industry. Every time a new compression standard is released,… Read more