Verimatrix – IBC 2014 video interview


Verimatrix president Steve Oetegenn discusses ultra high-definition TV security issues and the extent to which cloud-based TV services pose additional security challenges.

TiVo – IBC 2014 video interview


TiVo’s David Sandford talks to DTVE about how pay TV operators can compete with OTT service providers and the importance of the user experience.

Thomson Video Networks – IBC 2014 video interview


Thomson Video Networks’ Eric Gallier and Stephane Cloirec talk to DTVE about key trends in video processing including cloud-based distribution to multiscreen devices.

Piksel – IBC 2014 video interview


Piksel’s innovation programme strategist, Miles Weaver, and CTO Mark Christie discuss content discovery improvements, the future of personalisation and recommendation and Piksel’s new Mosaic offering.

Nagra – IBC 2014 video interview


Nagra’s senior director of product marketing, Anthony Smith-Chaigneau, talks about the evolution from middleware to ‘connectware’ and what the future holds for the set-top box.

Harmonic – IBC 2014 video interview


Harmonic’s Peter Alexander talks to DTVE about the software revolution in channel creation and playout and its implications.

Ericsson – IBC 2014 video interview


Ericsson’s Pete Thompson talks to DTVE about the evolution of the Mediaroom TV platform, the new Media First platform and the ways in which TV… Read more

Conviva – IBC 2014 video interview


Conviva’s managing director for EMEA, Ian Franklyn discusses big data, the commercial benefits of data analysis for service providers and how this is improving the… Read more

Arris – IBC 2014 video interview


Arris’s Bruce McClelland talks to DTVE about OTT’s impact on cable and service providers’ response to the challenges ahead.

ANGA COM 2014: Verimatrix’s Steve Oetegenn on the ‘software-empowered video operator’


Verimatrix’s Steve Oetegenn talks to DTVE’s Stuart Thomson about the ‘software-empowered video operator’ and cloud-based services at ANGA COM 2014.