TV Connect 2013

Sigma Designs offers connected ‘internet of things’

Chipset manufacturer Sigma Designs is using TV Connect to demonstrate the possibility of employing gateway devices and wireless networks to control a range of devices… Read more

Witbe launches testing for smart TVs at TV Connect

Quality assurance specialist Witbe is using TV Connect to showcast a solution for connected TVs. Witbe’s test and validation solution will now enable content providers… Read more

EA: Games providers must adapt for connected TV rewards

Games providers face a number of challenges in addressing the connected TV market but there are huge opportunities if they approach the market in the… Read more

Spotify plots TV push

Internet-powered music service Spotify is planning to make a bigger push into the living room, with more smart TV apps and set-top deployments in the… Read more

TV Connect Q&A: Keith Wymbs, Elemental Technologies

Elemental's Keith Wymbs

Ahead of next week’s TV Connect 2013 in London, Keith Wymbs, vice-president of marketing at Elemental Technologies, talked to Digital TV Europe about the latest… Read more