The channels survey – leading executive have their say

AMC's The Divide

Channel providers face a growing array of opportunities and challenges. Digital TV Europe surveyed a group of leading channel executives to find out how they… Read more

Reality check – does the traditional channel model make sense?

Swiss channel Joiz has placed interaction at the heart of its proposition.

Channel providers are adapting to the growing appeal of non-linear consumption and OTT by adapting their offerings with new ‘additive’ digital services. But for new… Read more

Digital marketing matters – strategies for broadcasters and channels

The BBC’s new newsroom brings together all its domestic and international output.

The marketing strategies of broadcasters and channels are changing as viewer behaviour and distribution models start to shift. Andy McDonald reports. Marketing strategies among channel… Read more

The linear path – the changing nature of the pay TV channel business

Turner makes shows such as Ink Masters  and claims Netflix compliments pay TV.

Growth in on-demand consumption and multiscreen viewing are changing the rules of the game for traditional pay TV channel providers. Andy Fry assesses their responses.… Read more

Paying attention: OTT billing systems

Ericsson screens

Making money from investment in OTT and multiscreen delivery remains challenging for operators. Anna Tobin looks at ways in which customer care and billing systems can help or hinder them in their efforts.  OTT is… Read more

Virtual realities: the transition of playout technologies

Playout Image Red Bee-Ericsson

Software virtualised on standard platforms promises to revolutionise the cost and agility of broadcast operations, but the transition is not without difficulty. Adrian Pennington reports. In addressing the challenge of online  video, broadcasters are feeling… Read more

Standard practice – what can RDK do for cable?

The RDK is based on open-source principles

With traditional pay TV operators now struggling to match the speed of innovation seen from web-based services, operators are looking for ways to replicate an internet-type model on set-top boxes. RDK is held up as… Read more

Search and enjoy – developments in content search and discovery

Piksel is developing a cross-device ecosystem that provides ‘hyper-personalisation’.

Content search and discovery is fast becoming a differentiator among content providers, with new streaming devices helping to drive innovation. Andy McDonald reports. In an increasingly fractured content world, the ability for viewers to search… Read more

Passing clouds – the evolution of OTT multiscreen delivery


Cloud-based delivery of multiscreen services is enabling service providers to experiment more freely with less risk, but broadcast and OTT delivery are likely to remain largely separate for now. Stuart Thomson reports. Cloud-based delivery of… Read more

Good companions – the second screen and multiscreen monetisation

4oD has experimented with content tailored to small screens.

Understanding of the uses to which people put the different screens they own is still taking shape. From the development of companion apps dedicated to particular shows to the straightforward distribution of linear TV, broadcasters… Read more