Search and enjoy – developments in content search and discovery

Piksel is developing a cross-device ecosystem that provides ‘hyper-personalisation’.

Content search and discovery is fast becoming a differentiator among content providers, with new streaming devices helping to drive innovation. Andy McDonald reports. In an increasingly fractured content world, the ability for viewers to search… Read more

Passing clouds – the evolution of OTT multiscreen delivery


Cloud-based delivery of multiscreen services is enabling service providers to experiment more freely with less risk, but broadcast and OTT delivery are likely to remain largely separate for now. Stuart Thomson reports. Cloud-based delivery of… Read more

Good companions – the second screen and multiscreen monetisation

4oD has experimented with content tailored to small screens.

Understanding of the uses to which people put the different screens they own is still taking shape. From the development of companion apps dedicated to particular shows to the straightforward distribution of linear TV, broadcasters… Read more

The Netflix effect – OTT in Europe

Netflix has taken the Nordic markets by storm since launching there in 2012

Netflix’s next stage of its European expansion is now close, but will its success rate continue and how far is the SVoD giant informing the OTT strategies of other players in the European market? Andy… Read more

Q&A: Neerav Shah, Arris on OTT

Neerav Shah thumb

Neerav Shah, vice-president and general manager, multiscreen video infrastructure, cloud business solutions, Arris, talks to DTVE about the uses of OTT infrastructure. How much convergence is actually happening between broadcast delivery and OTT delivery? Where is… Read more

Local flavour: channel strategies in CEE

Food Network Poland

TV channels are investing in localisation and digital distribution in CEE, but the classic pay TV model still rules. Stuart Thomson reports.  The universe of pay TV channels in central and eastern Europe has expanded… Read more

Supply and demand: CEE’s home-grown Netflix rivals

Russian service

The over-the-top video market in Central and Eastern Europe is in a state of growth and it is local players that are defining the market. Andy McDonald reports. The rise of over-the-top (OTT) video on… Read more

Satellite states: pay TV distribution in CEE

Intelsat serves the CEE market from 1° West as well as from 45° East.

Satellite is one of the mainstays of pay TV distribution in central and eastern Europe and, despite the growth of non-linear viewing and flattening growth, it looks set to stay that way. Stuart Thomson reports.… Read more

Changing lanes: the evolution of the CDN


Netflix’s recent interconnect deals with Comcast and Verizon in the US have highlighted the challenging nature of the relationship between OTT providers and ISPs. As IP content proliferates, how will CDN infrastructure evolve and who… Read more