IBC 2013

Video Interview IBC 2013 – Steve Christian, Verimatrix


Verimatrix’s Steve Christian talks about multiscreen content security in the “post-smartcard era”.

Video Interview IBC 2013 – Matthew Huntington, Freesat


Freesat’s Matthew Huntington unveils lessons and future plans for Freetime, the connected TV platform for UK free-to-view satellite offering Freesat.

Video Interview IBC 2013 – Shannon Oborne, TMS


TMS’s Shannon Oborne talks about content search and discovery and the role service providers can play in delivering it.

Video Interview IBC 2013 – Peter Simpson, Pace


Pace’s Peter Simpson talks about the digital home and the role of service providers in enabling it.

Video Interview IBC 2013 – Steve McCaffery, Arris

Steve McCaffrey

Arris’s Steve McCaffery discusses the prospects for multiscreen TV, ultra-HD, new video compression technology and the CCAP cable platform.

Video Interview IBC 2013 – Daniel Thunberg, Piksel


Piksel’s Daniel Thunberg talks about the relaunch of the company and the challenges and opportunities facing service providers launching OTT services.

Video Interview IBC 2013 – Ofer Weintraub, Viaccess-Orca


Viaccess-Orca’s Ofer Weintraub talks about second screen engagment and the company’s DEEP platform.

Video Interview IBC 2013 – Peter Ostapiuk, Intelsat


Intelsat’s Peter Ostapiuk talks about prospects for the ultra-HD market and what the new generation of high-throughput satellites can offer the market.

Video Interview IBC 2013 – Simon Trudelle, Nagra


Nagra’s Simon Trudelle talks about the connected home and the challenges faced by service providers in delivering it.

Video Interview IBC 2013 – David Sandford, TiVo


TiVo’s David Sandford talks about the challenges service providers face in delivering content inside and outside of the home.